Lewis Macleod


I am Lewis, I’m a chef, home cook, chief washer upper and above all I’m passionate about food.

So the point of this blog is to try to share some of the wonderful world of food I have discovered and invite you to join me on my continuing journey. Most of the food and recipes are good for you but may not be “heath foods”

I spent my childhood eating great home cooking made by my mum; at university, I trod the narrow path between eating and going to the pub; and for 20 years I cooked at home, first for myself, then for my wife.

My passion for food changed in a way I didn’t expect after I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition in 2008. This led me to change some of my eating habits in order to help manage my health better. This has allowed me to discover how much food governs our health and the effect food has on us if we get it wrong – have you ever been hangry?

Then I realised I had to do something about going to work every day as the day was spent working out that night’s meal and how it could be cooked.

So to cooking school and a career change. They say that being a chef is stressful, I say only if you don’t like food!

All the food and photos on this blog are by me unless otherwise stated. As with all things food related, I take inspiration from others and I hope I don’t misrepresent or misstate anything. Where I have found a fabulous recipe in a book or article I will always give the credit accordingly.